август 1, 2023


Where is the line between memory and reality? Michele returns to his hometown “Rutunn’“, after many years and as an old man. Walking through the streets of his village he arrives at his old house, where memories emerge from the silence and dust: his son still young, his wife, music from another era and a terrace overlooking a limitless horizon. He sinks into the memory, he lives it as if it was all happening here and now.

За автора

Fabio Patrassi

Fabio Patrassi, born in Rome on 18-01-1990, holds a Master of Art in Cinema, Television and New Media at IULM (Milan), after being graduated in Cultural Heritage Sciences at the State University of Milan.
In 2013 he attended a workshop in filmmaking at the prestigious New York Film Academy, and he began making a series of self-produced short films.
In 2015 he worked at the Venice International Film Festival, starting his career as a freelance videomaker and camera operator for Mediaset and Sky.
While making numerous corporate videos, he has self-produced several short movies with which he obtains valuable awards, including the jury prize at the Triennale of Milan. Currently, he’s working as video-maker and continuing his studies of cinema, especially photography, attending training courses with field-experts (Luca Bigazzi, Italo Petriccione…).
In 2018 he made the short-movie „Sara“. The movie was distributed across several European festivals, receiving awards such Best Film at the Oxford International Film Festival and the myframe award at the Myllenium award in Rome. The latter award allowed the thirty-year-old director to collaborate with Rai Cinema and Lotus Production.