юли 8, 2017


Nine characters, four stories, one situation. How to act while knowing that something big, something irreversible, something that you can’t run away from or fight against, is going to happen. Something bigger than anything humans have ever experienced.

За автора

Flurin Giger

Flurin Giger was born in 1995 in Switzerland, where he still lives today. From 2011 to 2014 he completed his acting studies at the European Film Actor School in Zürich. During his studies he featured in the short „Kurzschluss“ and received an award from „“. In 2013 he worked with Ursina Lardi on „Unter der Haut“ (Director: Claudia Lorenz), which can be seen in german cinemas since the 19.11.15. Last year he appeared in productions such as „Der Bestatter“(Director: Chris Niemeyer), „Tatort – Kleine Prinzen“ (Markus Welter) and „Lina“ (Director: Michael Schaerer). In 2016 he had his directorial debutshooting the film „RUAH“.