Исках да бъда Виторио Гасман

август 3, 2023


1962. Aldo Marianecci, a 40 year old actor seeking his big break, returns to his hometown, Cisterna di Latina. He will spend the weekend with his lifetime buddies and with a young American woman met on a movie set in Rome. His days will go by waiting for a call that might finally change his life.



За автора

Cristian Scardigno

Cristian Scardigno is a director, as well as a screenwriter and a distributor. In 2013 he directed his first feature, „Amoreodio (Lovehate)“, selected at the „Montreal World Film Festival“ (Canada) and winner of the award for best actress at „Annecy Cinema Italien“ (France). Since 2015, Scardigno is the artistic director of Cisterna Film Festival. In 2017 he founded Esen Studios, a production and distribution company, with which he produced and directed the short-film “Her world” (2017) and the documentary “Slowly” (2018). Both films have been selected at numerous international film festivals, including Tirana International Film Festival (Albania) and American Documentary and Animation Film Festival (Usa), Oscars qualifying film festivals for the categories of short-film and short-documentary.