август 5, 2023


ENG: ECCE is an Escherian journey through the ordinary day of a woman who lives every day the same task from which she cannot extricate herself. Soon we will realize that this is not the story of a single woman but that of many people forced to live in the same claustrophobic circle of Dante. –- ITA: ECCE è un viaggio escheriano che attraversa la giornata qualunque di una donna che rivive ogni giorno lo stesso compito dal quale non riesce a districarsi. Presto ci si accorgerà che questa non è la storia di una sola donna ma di tante persone costrette a vivere lo stesso claustrofobico girone dantesco.

За автора

Margherita Premuroso

Margherita Premuroso is an animation director, illustrator and creative director. She was born in 1983 in a small town on the outskirts of Milan. She lived for several years in England collaborating with animation studios as an animator and storyboardist. Back in Italy, she continued her career as an animation director by making multiple commercials, animated videos for documentaries, short films. She made the animated sequences of the opening credits for several TV series and documentaries, including the series “Feud: Bette and Joan” (2018) for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award in the category “Outstanding main title design”. She currently works as creative director for Her animated short films have been selected in many festivals including Giffoni, Anima Mundi, Siggraph, and chosen as Vimeo Staff Picks. Her latest short film, “Ecce” (2022) is hand-drawn with pencil on paper.