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август 2, 2023


A dance film about life, embodiment of the wild.

За автора

Chantal Caron

Even if Chantal Caron has always been inspired by the river, birds and the energy found in the different elements of nature, with the passage of time the evolution of her signature dance movements becomes more clearly defined. Sensitive to, and conscious of the preciousness of the Saint Lawrence River on the shores of which she has lived all her life, Chantal Caron, choreographer and artistic director of Fleuve I Espace dance has developed a speciality in outdoor choreography using as decor the natural light and the magnificence of nature. In 2018 she was named Member of the Order of Canada “for her artistic creations highlighting our natural heritage and for her contributions to the development of the next generation of dancers”.Her first short film “Glace, Crevasse et Dérive” in which the dancers performed in the snow, on the shore and even on ice flows in the Saint Lawrence River, was chosen and won awards in many international festivals and in spite of the fact that it was launched in 2013 it is still being shown. Her second short film, “Clementine” is making its way around the world and has also won many awards.