юли 7, 2017


Bolero is a genre of spanish music associated with dance. It has an obsessive rhythm from the start to the end. In the Ravel’s „Bolero“ this rhythm has also an impressive crescendo. These features fit very well with what happens in the Universe and in our lives. We live on a planet that spins around the Sun and around itself constantly and as human beings within society we repeat the same routine every day. The same obsessive, great rhythm from the beginning to the end of times.

За автора

Ivan D’Antonio

Ivan D’Antonio is a 32-year-old graduate from Florence Academy of Fine Arts. His interest for the Arts blossomed very early in his life and he nurtured it studying classic figurative arts and music. As a teenager he discovered analog photography and composition, thus beginning a creative journey that eventually brought him to the direction of music videos, short films and commercials.
He recently directed the official videos of the Italian Federations of Fencing and Boxing for Rio 2016 Olympics, produced by Onemore Pictures for RAI.
His first short film “Senza Fretta” was selected and finalist at several Italian film festivals and his second work “La Buona Occasione” was awarded the First Prize by Canon Italia in the National Contest “La Grande Occasione”.
He just finished to work on his third short film “Bolero” and currently he is writing his first feature film.
From 2012 to 2014 Ivan directed a series of videoclips in Wuppertal, Rome and Abruzzo with international dancers Ditta Miranda and Damiano Ottavio Bigi from Tanztheater “Pina Bausch” to promote Luca D’Alberto’s first solo album; these videos where then produced by Michele Placido’s Goldenart.
In 2014 he also directed the cinematographic trailer for Anna Rita Larghi’s contemporary ballet show “La Voce del Silenzio”, produced by Paolo Limiti.
Ivan is well known in the music industry as well, having directed and produced music videos for italian and international artists like Leighton Koizumi (Morlocks, USA), Tremazul, Lorenzo Feliciati (for London-based label RareNoise Records), Moveonout, IMuri, Fiorino, Pepper and the Jellies, Delawater, Matteo Fiorino, Luca Mongia, Frank Capitanio (“Dena” videoclip was selected by Italian MTV New Generation).
Expert and experienced in traditional and experimental film development techniques and digital photography, as a photographer his main interests are art, music, documentary and fashion: some of Ivan’s shots are featured on the famous italian fashion blog Rock’n’Mode.
He directed commercials for tv and web. Recently, in addition to the videos for Rio 2016, he directed a commercial for Società Dolce, an important italian social care society, and the web ads of Bluserena, a big tourism company in Italy. He also directed, for the Italian Ministry of Environment, the video of the campaign “Stop food waste, feed the planet”.
As documentary filmmaker he is working on the project called “Impression“ which main topics are nature, art, space and spirituality.
In 2014 he also directed a short documentary for the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research about the young excellencies in schools.