July 5, 2016


Early 60s. The Vostok programme was a Soviet human spaceflight project to put the first Soviet citizens into low Earth orbit. Irina, the astronaut, from a capsule communicates with Nikolai, the radar officer of the monitoring center. The flight is fully automatic and the control panel of the capsule is locked, so contact with Earth is limited to simple ceremonial checks of the vital signs of the cosmonaut. The cosmonaut, due to isolation, insomnia and her own fears begins to hallucinate which will drive her crazy.

About the author

Miquel Casals

Miquel Casals (Girona, 1986), illustrator and multimedia producer. He has published online a couple of webcomics –20pocos and Con dos tacones–, both works nominated by the International Comic Exhibition of Madrid for Best Comic four consecutive years.
As a filmmaker this is his fourth short film. His first work, Persuasió (2009), was chosen as Best Novel Author Project in “Fons de Creació Audiovisual ARPAGI”.
With Fundido a negro (2012) won 24th Girona Film Festival and was well received by national festivals.
In 2013 films 400KM (2014), a road movie shot with no budget and no script, based on the improvisation of the actors during a real journey of over 400 kilometers.
In November 2014 films La Tenacitat d’un Quadre (2015), a documentary from the peculiar history of a painting by Josep Tenas film.

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