The Robbery

July 14, 2018


What’s going to happen when these though times get worse and there are more robbers than bars?

About the author

Alfonso Díaz

Alfonso Díaz (1983. Madrid, Spain). Producer, Director, Screenwriter and post-producer, since 2012 he lives in the Province of Huelva, south of Spain.

His works have been projected in more than 330 Festivals, obtaining 20 national and international awards.

Highlighted Filmography: “The Story of David Leonard Sutton” (2010), “Red-haired / Black)” (2011) co-directed with Luis Ángel Pérez, “2A” (2012) and “Turnaorund” (2014). His short films, “Red-haired / Black” and “Turnaorund”, were shortlisted in the Goya Awards.

Due to the support of the Spanish Cinema and Audiovisual Arts Institute (ICAA) he directs “The Robbery” (2017) coproduced with with Summer Films and Jesús Soria P.C. starred by Juanma Lara and Aitor Merino.

Since 2012 he works as an independent distributor: LINE UP Shorts – Film Distribution.

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