Pillars of Creation

July 12, 2018


Award-winning short documentary about the beauty of the heavens as captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. This film has been accepted by the European Space Agency (ESA) to be part of their official archives.

About the author

Marcelle Abela

Marcelle Abela is a Maltese-American award-winning director and sole filmmaker in the history of Jerry Rudes’s Cinemonde to have two films chosen for screening. Her documentaries have won awards at several film festivals and her science shorts have been accepted into the official archives of the European Space Agency.

Abela’s experimental film ‘Lux et Tenebrae’ won Best Documentary Short at the 2018 Top Indie Film Awards in Los Angeles, while her first docudrama ‘Divine Beauty’ won Honorable Mention for Best Documentary Short at the 2018 Independent Shorts Awards also in LA and was nominated for Best Female Director. Abela’s science film ‘Red Glory’ won Best Documentary Short at the 2019 Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards and two Bronze Awards, for Best Editing and Best Music, at the 2018 Independent Shorts Awards. Her popular science films ‘Materre’ and ‘Aurora’ won 1st and 2nd Prize respectively at the 2018 China International Contest for Popular Science Works, while ‘Pillars of Creation’ won Best Multimedia Film Award at the 2018 Great Message International Film Festival, India.

Abela’s films have been screened and broadcast throughout the US, Europe, China, India, and the Russian Federation. A former concert violinist and the author of ten books, one of which received praise from Barack Obama, Abela owes what she knows about filmmaking to Michael Koehler, Lauren McGrail, and Jeffrey Michael Bays. She is inspired by the work of Werner Herzog, Ron Howard, Ridley Scott, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Hans Zimmer.

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