Cubismo Live

July 4, 2015


Cubism+filmmaking= Cubismo Live

About the author

Carlos Alonso

Carlos Alonso Ojea was born in a Coruña, Spain, in 1989. He moved to Barcelona at the age of 19 and started his film studies at ESCAC , the film University of Catalonia , graduating in 2012 as a director. During this period, he directed some student short films and spots that won several awards all over Spain, including Jameson’s NOTODOFILMFEST Award, Rexona Woman Spot 2nd Award and EMAV 72HOUR Film Contest “Beca Award”.

He directed, along with his school coleagues, the ESCAC FILM production BLOODY APRILS FOOLS, a feature film shot in 2012. It has been realesed at the Sitges Film Festival 2013, in Official section (PANORAMA).

In 2012 he started to shoot his graduation shortfilm: HOGAR HOGAR, a 35mm short film starring Leticia Dolera and Eduard Buch. It has been selected to participate at the Generation Campus Lab for post-production pourposes, as a part of the Moscow International Film Festival and has been released in the 58th SEMINCI Film festival.

He was also selected to delevop the feature film script “Missed” at the Media program FOUR CORNERS that has taken place during 2013 in Helsinki, Sofia, London and Sitges Fantastic Film Festival.


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