July 14, 2018


A Greek stereoscopic CG animation inspired by the works of Greek surrealist painter Theodore Pandaleon. A requiem to Form, Feminine-Goddess, eternal Eve, Art. From idealization and sacred worship to delectation and insemination, to transformation and reproduction, to deterioration and decay, to desecration and vandalizing, to condemnation and subjugation, to the fall into timeless erebus. To the dream of regeneration.

About the author

Aris Fatouros & Antonis Ntoussias


Born in Athens, in 1962. Graduated from University of Athens (Physics department). Studied design, painting and digital imaging as well as multimedia programming. One of the Greek pioneers of 3D design, 3D moving imaging and more recently VR. He works since many years in advertising, multimedia and education (director of 3D animation department in Intergraphics school), participating in Greek and international productions (for cinema and TV) as animator artist and as special effects – Computer graphics artist.


Born in island of Lefkada (Greece), in 1962. Studied Physics in University of Athens, Political Science in Panteion University of Athens and film direction in Stavrakos film school. Since 1990 he has worked as production manager, executive producer and film director. He co – founded “micro” co-operative (organization for the promotion of Greek Short film) and materialized “microfilm” program for public broadcaster ERT (program of 10 short films production per year). Since 2002 he has been program consultant in the Television channel of Greek Parliament.

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