Малтийският боец

юли 5, 2017


Carmelo, a struggling single father and boxer from Valletta, is forced to join a corrupt underworld as he tries to provide for his only son Giuseppi.

За автора

Arev Manoukian

Hailing from the same production company as Neil Blomkamp (District 9), and represented by WME, Arev Manoukian recently turned one of his daydreams into a hugely successful short film, the stunning hyper-real fantasy Nuit Blanche. The film won the Grand Prize at the LG Film Festival and the coveted Golden Nica at Prix Ars in Europe. It has been highlighted in magazines such as Wired, Creativity, Shots, Motionographer and Stash Magazine. It has also been featured at an exhibition at the MMOMA. Since then, Arev has gone on to direct commercials for Sony, Nokia, 20th Century Fox, Cineplex Cinemas and a music video for six-time Grammy Award winning artist Skrillex. Arev has just completed The Maltese Fighter and is currently developing his first feature film.