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август 4, 2023


Dodi decides to participate in a longboard dancing competition. But there are two problems with his plan. First, being in his late forties, he is much older than his competitors. And on top of that, he has no idea how to ride a longboard. He befriends a teenager, Sandra, who is willing to teach him. Although the two don’t seem to have much in common, while practicing together, they realize they both use longboarding to cope with their unsolved issues. And they can help each other to take their first steps toward healing. LAST CHANCE is a short movie about longboard dancing, parenthood, community, connection, and skating through the generation gap.

За автора

Eszter Angyalosy, Dániel Szőke

ESZTER ANGYALOSY is a Hungarian screenwriter, story editor, and writing tutor working with Hungarian and international talents alike. She spent seven years as Editor-in-Chief at a Hungarian publishing house before joining HBO Hungary as Development Editor in 2015. In the same year, her first novel ‘Wonderland’ was released. Until 2018, she worked on the development of a dozen HBO original series in a wide variety of genres. That year, she left the company to pursue her own writing career.

DÁNIEL SZŐKE is a Hungary-based Director of Photography. He decided to become a cinematographer at the age of 10, when watching ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ he realized behind the scenes there must be a camera making the images. Since then, he has been working on short films, music videos, documentaries, TV series, features, and commercials. His works won the Promax Award, the Creative Craft Award, the Golden Eye Award for Best Hungarian Cinematographer, and several international film competitions. His main focus is narrative filmmaking. His list of credits includes American, Croatian, German, Indian, Norwegian and Romanian productions.