Страст от злато и огън

юли 5, 2017


A beekeeper worries about the future of his school of bees.

За автора

Sebastien Pins

Fascinated by the beauty, fragility and mystery of Nature, Sébastien Pins shows an early interest in photography. He relentlessly strives to capture strong and magical moments of connection between Man and Nature. His work has received numerous awards across Europe.

In 2012 he directed a short film entitled „My Forest“ in which he managed to capture the emotion and the magic of strong moments between human beings and nature through the eyes of a three-year-old boy. This movie won many prizes worldwide, one of which awarded by the United Nations in Istanbul during the „Forum on Forests“.

„My Forest“ was selected in more than a hundred festivals around the world, allowing it to be shown in many „Oscar Nominating“ Film Festivals.

His work is supported by celebrities such as Hubert Reeves and Marion Cotillard.

In 2016 Sébastien Pins directed a second short film entitled „A passion of Gold and Fire“. This tribute to a beekeeper is currently enjoying worldwide success and has been selected by world-renowned festivals such as: Seattle International Film Festival (Oscar(TM) nominating Festival), Slamdance Film Festival (Oscar(TM) nominating Festival) DOC NYC (Oscar(TM) nominating Festival), 26th New Orleans Film Festival (Oscar(TM) nominating Festival), Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival St. Louis International Film(Oscar(TM) nominating Festival), Sleepwalkers International Short Film Festival(BAFTA-Recognised Film Festival),…

Sebastien Pins currently continues his directing work in nature-fiction short movies. He is busy shooting a short film featuring lumberjack horses and their masters. His objective is to shed some light on a very little known activity as well as to value the work of people who have always contributed to the good health and the preservation of our forests.