July 3, 2019


Twelve-year-old Adeline Tang struggles to navigate America’s adult playground and keep her mother’s gambling under control, all for the promise of that perfect family Christmas holiday once her father arrives. But as the days unfold, Adeline realizes that growing up might not hold all the excitement she’d been hoping for.

About the author

Tiffanie Hsu

Tiffanie spent her childhood in Wisconsin, California, and Taiwan. Her fascination with narrative first blossomed in university where her thesis film, THREE BEAUTIES, was awarded the Thomas T. Hoopes prize at Harvard. Professionally, she worked as a director’s assistant first with international performer Leehom Wang on his directorial feature film debut LOVE IN DISGUISE and then with Ang Lee for three years on LIFE OF PI. Tiffanie’s first short film, SUTURES, was made with AFI’s prestigious Directing Workshop for Women and has garnered several awards including Excellence in Short Filmmaking Award at the Asian American International Film Festival and the AFIDWW Showcase Jean Picker Firstenberg Award. As an MFA candidate at UCLA, Tiffanie was selected as a recipient of the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship, a premier graduate school fellowship that offers academic support in the amount of $90,000. Tiffanie’s films strive to tell stories that show people overcoming their own isolation, coming at last to make connections that propel themselves forward.

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