Watch By Being Watched

July 14, 2018


Basically, it is told self-identity in a digitalised modern era. Through the character, it tells about a lost of balance between everyday life and confuse reality with cyber space. The both are inseparable in the present. For example, in every daily life, human has a high level of dependence on digital media. Specifically, the social media is a platform to upload photos and words and share the lifestyles. By so doing, human tends to identify oneself with the digital character. In terms of digital totalitarianism, trace in digital platforms is recorded and collected. Also it links to analysis of behavior and life pattern of human even thoughts. Actually, government or governmental organisations have used to specific purposes such as big data, face recognition, location detection and mass surveillance.
Unconsciously, these silent imbalance and invasion to privacy of human could contribute to shape the self-identity. Intentionally, it can be fabricated arbitrarily or by others. Generally, each sequence shows like an image and photography on social media with digital language and graphic. In the end, the film hopes human being come out from digital totalitarianism and imbalance between the real life and virtual reality.

About the author

Sangwon Lee

Born in Seoul, South Korea, 1985
Graduated in MA Communication design at Central Saint Martins in London, 2016
Experimental image maker, Creative art director

The film ‘Watch by being watched’ has been selected to be part of the Official Selection in the 2017 edition of the Fashion Film Festival Milano.

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