Voice of the glaciers

August 4, 2021


In the summer of 2019, four young adventurers, embark on a dangerous scientific expedition into the Arctic, with the intent of documenting the true story of the effects of the changing climate. Through Eric’s scientific degree in glaciology, and Kris’ crucial knowledge of navigating the local terrain, working as an Arctic guide, the team approach the endeavor with open minds, seeking evidence, to determine fact from hysteria, about the rate of glacial melting.

The journey proves to be an eye-opening revelation, sparking a sense of imperative, that they must do something before it’s too late. Voice of the glaciers is the story of a small expedition’s mission to present a new way for people to see the real impact of climate change, by gathering undeniable before and after photo evidence, which demonstrates how the glaciers are disappearing at an alarmingly rapid rate.

The group’s journey starts in the world’s northernmost town, Longyearbyen. Equipped with photos more than 100 years old, they set out to find and re-photograph the locations, traversing the brutally unforgiving and harsh Arctic terrain, where they are forced to come face to face with climate change.

About the author

Sindre Kolbjørnsgard

Sindre Kolbjørnsgard is a filmmaker and explorer based in Trondheim, Norway. Sindre has made a couple documentaries, worked for some big brands, climbed some of the highest mountains it the world, slept over 1000 nights in at tent, but more than any of that, he is a self-taught filmmaker that loves the craft of filmmaking. His goal is to tell stories so compelling, captivating and meaningful that it transcends everything and transports the viewer to a place they’d never thought existed. When Sindre dream about the future he wants to film expeditions all around the world and the more extreme and remote the adventure are the better. In the end is his goal to tell stories with the ability to bring people together and inspire them to live out their own dreams.

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