August 4, 2023


In a world that has dreamed of defeating death, hybrid creatures try to survive while retaining a trace of their human component.Vera was sent to a newly built neighborhood with the task of setting up the Museum of Memory.

About the author

minusLog Giustino Di Gregorio, minusLog Manuela Cappucci

Minus.log is a collective formed in 2013 from the already tried out collaboration between Giustino Di Gregorio and Manuela Cappucci. Giustino is active since the 90’s as a composer (Sprut, 1999 Tzadik Records), videomaker and audiovisual artists, Manuela began her artistic career as a painter gradually approaching minimalism.
From the union of these two sensibilities a research borns in which material and immaterial soak each other, in which music and painting, analog and digital, partecipate in the work as a synaesthetic elements of an experience based on a subtraction and reduction process of the means. Similarly, the authorship of the two artists is merged into unitary and indissoluble participation in its creation.

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