Time to Vote

August 5, 2022


What begins as an ordinary board in a traditional apartment building to vote the renewal of the elevator, turns into an unexpected debate about the limits of pacific coexistence.

About the author

Santiago Requejo Lopez-Mateos

SANTIAGO REQUEJO LOPEZ-MATEOS (Cáceres, SPAIN) “Grandpas” (2019) Nominated for novel director in 2019 Circle of Film Writers of Spain. Gold Medal of Solidarity in the Circle of Film Writers (Spain), Audience Award at the Tarazona and Tudela Festivals, the Cygnus Award, the audience award at the D’Ombra Line (Salerno, Italy), and the International Film Festival Under the Moon of Islantilla. Holy Night (2017) Award for Best Spanish Director FICSAN. “Miradas” Award at the Barcelona International Festival of Human Rights. Rhodéa, (2010) Jury’s mention at the Golden Knight International Film Festival (Malta).

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