The Missing Piece

July 2, 2019


Baptiste, a lonely outsider, is in love with Mina, the girl from the sex hotline. One day, Baptiste gathers his courage and succeeds in convincing the young woman to accept a rendez-vous at a café in town…

About the author

Julien Chavaillaz

Julien Chavaillaz is a photographer and director from Fribourg born in 1985. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Photography and spending a year as assistant lecturer at ECAL, Julien received a Master’s degree at the Hochschule der Künste Bern. He now has multiple mandates in photography and directing (video teasers, clips, commercials) particularly in the cultural field: Fri-Son, Bad Bonn Kilbi, Festival International du Film de Fribourg, Festival de Cinéma Jeune Public de Lausanne, Fête du Slip, Opéra Louise, and many more.
Since 2011, Julien has organized several solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland and Europe, notably with his ODA project (BFF Award 2011, best European Diploma in photography). In 2013, in collaboration with Adrien Gaillard, he won the Future Nostalgia competition of the Belluard Bollwerk International with SoundEscape, a sound installation diverting nuclear threat alarms from the city of Fribourg. The duo continued their collaboration by writing the screenplay for The Missing Piece (Le Rose et le Vert), a short film that was Julien’s first fiction work. Mandated by the Swiss Federal Office for Culture (OFC), Julien has been producing video portraits of musicians nominated for the Swiss Music Prize since 2017.
Julien is also a musician in the French-wave band Francis Francis.

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