The Inner Side

July 13, 2018


Domi is a 33 years old autistic boy, who never speaks and lives with his mother and father. They try everything to cure him, but no effect. The mother cynically tells the story of their unlucky family, she is hopeless. Only the books bring happiness in Domi’s life. He is obsessed by books. The family tries a new psychologist, Aliz, who soon realizes how important the books are for Domi. Now Aliz starts to write a story for Domi. This book changes the world around Domi, we see the story becoming alive and driving the boy towards the solution.

About the author

Dániel Reich

Dániel Reich, born in 1986, is a hungarian director, cinematographer. From 2005-2010 he attended Hungarian FILMACADEMY (University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest), cinematography department. He made 3 feature films and more than 14 short films as a cinematographer. He won three times the Goldeneye Award from the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers (H.S.C.) for his short film works.

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