The Human Machine

July 12, 2018


In the near future Stefano, a thirty-something man, is talking to his analyst about his love life, telling him stories both from his past and his actual life. Once he realizes that he’s not capable of communicating with his love interest, Gaia, he goes haywire and reveals what he really is: a robot. His therapist is actually a scientist; the apartment is a lab and the session is a scientific experiment on Stefano. Gaia is actually a member of the research team and she will have to make a choice between shutting him down forever or setting him free.


About the author

Adelmo Togliani & Simone Siragusano

Adelmo Togliani is an italian actor, director and screenwriter. He starred in successful TV series including Marcinelle and A Wedding, and many films as Naja, Boris and Casanova directed from Lasse Hallstrom. He’s the concept designer of the first ethnical RAI TV series Sweet India. He’s a retrogamer.

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