The Flying Man

July 7, 2016


Greta and Achille, two similar souls, a great endless love.  Achille follows the life, the passion. Greta follows Achille. They step through the chapters of their life from 80s to now by holding their hands, having deep breathes of their adolescence, still being “one for each other”; until they reach their adulthood, and then they decide to follow their own roads. Greta will make her dream of being wife and mother come true; Achille will see his dream of traveling and living a bohemian life as a reality, in an eternal conflict between love and passion. It’s the story of two persons and their very strong relationship.

About the author

Adelmo Togliani

Director, actor, screenwriter and CEO of the Achille Togliani Academy, founded in the early 90’s. He starred in successful TV series including Marcinelle and A Wedding, and many films as Naja, Boris and Casanova directed from Lasse Hallstrom. His directing credits include theatre, cinema, TV and experimental video productions for the Web. For fifteen odd year or more Togliani works with UNICEF, RAI, RCS Mediagroup and various web televisions. He’s also the author and the concept designer of the first ethnical RAI series Sweet India and live studio tv programs (//DigiTalk). His latest work The Flying Man was shown during the 72nd Venice Film Festival. He’s also a retrogamer.

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