The Flapping of the Hummingbird

July 2, 2019


Einstein used to say that we are moving in a 4-dimensional universe. Three of which, spatial. One… temporary. This last one can only be experienced in one direction. Therefore, no matter what we do, we can only walk forward. But, what if we could go back?

About the author

Meritxell A. Valls

Meritxell A. Valls (Gerona, SPAIN, 1990) was trained as director and scriptwriter at ESCAC film school. In her professional career outside the school, she worked in the production company Bambú, MOD and Netflix, working on the production of the latest film by Alejandro Amenábar, and the last film starring Blanca Suárez, “A pesar de todo”. “The Flapping of the Hummingbird” is her first professional short film, in wich she directs actors with long and solid careers in the cinema, such as Adria Collado, Igor Szpakowski and Helena Miquel. With “The Flapping of the Hummingbird”, Meritxell won the screenwriter first award of ABCguionistas(an important community of screenwriters) and she was selected on the 50t h anniversary of SitgesFilmFestival for the premiere of the movie.

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