The Extraordinary Mr. Jupiter

July 2, 2015


Franco Júpiter has lived an extraordinary life. Abandoned as a child, he grew up wondering about the mysteries of the universe. This curiosity about life has made him capable of achieving powers one could ever dream of. Now an adult, Franco Júpiter discovers something that had been missing all his life… love. Seeing that he is unable to find it, he uses his powers against nature to bring a flower to life. His journey would turn into the most extraordinary feat of all.

About the author

Federico Torres

Federico Torres is an award winning Puerto Rican filmmaker with four years of experience working in the film industry.

His projects have been recognized at prestigious festivals around the world like Mar del Plata International Film Festival in Argentina, Habana Film Festival in Cuba, Icarus Film Festival in Guatemala, Cinefiesta International Short Film Festival in his native Puerto Rico, among others.

Currently a House Director for the production company Nostrom Moving Images, Federico is developing two feature films and participating in the festival circuit with his 4th short film “El Extraordinario Sr. Júpiter,” a film that was funded in part by the Puerto Rican Film Comission.


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