The Block

July 6, 2017


In the middle of the steppes of Kyrgyzstan an old foundation dating back to the Soviet era is gaining more and more importance in the nomads’ daily life.

About the author

Nadine Boller

Nadine Boller, a documentary filmmaker and camerawoman born 1986 and raised in Switzerland, finished her Master studies in film science and English linguistics at the University of Lausanne beginning 2013. Shortly after, she attended an intensive full- time documentary film course at the MET Film School Berlin in order to acquire the necessary knowledge for realising her first project: a self-directed documentary about a nomad family in Kyrgyzstan. After 6 months of shooting and participating in the nomads’ everyday life she returned to Berlin to edit her footage. Three films emerged: Erkinai die Halbnomadin (2016), Impressions of Aiana (2015) and The Block (2015). Currently, she is preparing her next project in Kyrgyzstan, which will be shot in 2017. Her relationship with Kyrgyzstan is a close one having lived there for over a year doing ethnographic-linguistic research in a village for her MA thesis prior to shooting the movie. Since she has taught herself the Kyrgyz language and established many intimate contacts with locals, her future projects will partially revolve around this Central Asian country, as for most people this region remains a blank spot on the map. But her interest for ethnography will most certainly widen her field of action to other parts and 1 topics of our planet. Although her involvement with practical filmmaking is a rather recent one, photography, on the other hand, has been part of her life since many years. Her studies in cinematographic aesthetics helped her develop her own understanding of picture composition and passion for colour relations, which she expresses through the means of the still image.

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