August 5, 2022


A couple goes to a gene-editing clinic to design their first child, hoping that the kid will have the successful and happy life that has eluded them.

About the author

Eduardo Bunster & Belen Abarza

EDUARDO BUNSTER (Santiago, CHILE, 1980) Chilean director and cinematographer, has ventured into fiction film, documentary, stop-motion animation and video art.He has carried out projects in different regions of the world, enriching his vision through the interaction with diverse cultures and narratives. His short film “D-construir” (best short film at Sydney Fantastic Film Festival and Festival Cine B Santiago), his diptych of short documentaries “Inner Landscapes” and his collaborations as cinematographer with prominent chilean film directors stand out. Co-founder and partner of the production company Quijote Films between 2009 and 2016, today he works as an independent filmmaker.

BELÉN ABARZA (Santiago, CHILE, 1986) Bachelor of Arts, theater director, set designer and illuminator. She has participated in more than 50 plays, dance and performing arts as a stage designer with various chilean theater companies, collaborating with prominent national directors. She has been recognized for her work in Prague Cuadrienale PQ2007; Victor Jara Dramatic Festival; New Directors Festival; American Dramatic Festival, Queen’s Festival; Children Mess Bosnia i Herzegovina; Ceres Award and Best Design in Art Critics Circle 2018. Her incursion in cinema starts with her co-direction of the shortfilm “Theo”.

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