Temporary Window

July 14, 2018


The video ‘Temporary window. In light of shadows’ was performed during a three-week artistic residency at Centro de las Artes de San Agustín, Oaxaca, Mexico. Period in which the artist developed a research based on the observation of the light (solar and artificial). Considering the strong incidence of shadows throughout the surrounding space, and using own body as the central axis, she moves with a wooden-string grid – with 2.5 x 2.5 meters – created especially for the action. Between movements of ascension and decline, body and frame merge to recreate the landscape.

About the author

Rubiane Maia

Rubiane Maia is an artist whose practice occupies the intersection between performance, video and installation, occasionally flirting with literature and cinema. She is attracted by states of synergy, encompassing the invisible relationships of affect and flux, and investigates the body in order to amplify the possibilities of perception beyond the habitual. By doing so, she is constantly re-elaborating her personal notion of existential territories (spatial, temporal, social and cognitive). She is interested in residues at odds with the image or the action from which they originate, and in the relentless attempt to reach the unreachable, inevitably exposing the temporary trail of the unfinished. More recently, she has been studying the processes of telekinesis, the interdependency between bodies, objects and natural forces, and the silent resilience meeting the countless micro-revolutions of the everyday.

She completed a degree in Visual Arts and a Master degree in Institutional Psychology at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Brazil). In 2010/11 she coordinated the Festival of Performance ‘TRAMPOLIM – Platform for Meeting with Performance Art’, and collaborated with ‘BOOM – Global Creative Action’, an international project for simultaneous live and web actions (livestreamed). In 2014/15 she received a scholarship at the Atelier in Visual Arts of the Secretary of Culture of Espírito Santo, and launched the book ‘Self Portrait in Footnotes’ and participated in the exhibition ‘Modos de Usar’ at the Museu de Arte of Espírito Santo – MAES. In 2015, she took part at the workshop ‘Cleaning the House’ with Marina Abramovic and contributed at the exhibition ‘Terra Comunal – Marina Abramovic + MAI’, at SESC Pompéia, São Paulo. In the same year, she produced her first short film ‘EVO’ and premiered it at the 26th Festival Internacional de São Paulo (Kinoforum) and 22nd Festival de Cinema de Vitória. In 2016, she worked on the project ‘Preparation for Aerial Exercise, the Desert and the Mountain’ which required her to travel to high landscapes of Uyuni (Bolivia), Pico da Bandeira (Espírito Santo/Minas Gerais, BRA) and Monte Roraima (Roraima, BRA/Santa Helena de Uyarén, VEN). In the same year she completed her second short film titled ‘ÁDITO’.

She was born in Caratinga (MG), but lives and works between Vitória (ES), Brazil and London, United Kingdom.

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