Stealing Reality

July 2, 2015


A filmmaker, lacking in ideas, decides to go and “steal” conversations and images of real people in order to make a film out of them, with no need to script it. Although, he eventually realizes something unexpected on the way…

About the author

Jacopo Scano

Jacopo Scano (born 1993) starts devoting himself to filmmaking at the age of seventeen, when he delivers his first commercial for a MOfilm contest (winning the fifth prize).
Since 2010 he regularly works on commercials, music videos and short films, often in english (having passed with top marks the Cambridge PET and FCE exams), and since 2013 on music videos on demand for bands and individual artists.
In 2010, he studies at the London Startek Drama School, in order to refine his acting too. He also participates to Fare Cinema 2012 at the Bobbio Film Festival and attends the New York Film Academy (2012) and the Prague Film School (2013).
Also, in 2012, he is dedicated a news article on the Gazzetta di Parma about his profession.
In 2013, he teaches cinema techniques at a high school near his hometown.
Currently studies at the University of Parma.

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