August 7, 2020


Teodosio, an elderly and culturally poorly equipped man, timidly claims his decisive role in the making of a short film that has won a prestigious film award. To welcome his complaints, with detachment and an undisguised air of superiority, there is the director Giuseppe.

About the author

Antonio Andrisani

Antonio Andrisani is a director, screenwriter and actor from Matera. Over the years he has received a number of important national and international awards, including a nomination for the David di Donatello Awards and a Nastro d’Argento with the short film “Stand by me” that he wrote and interpreted, directed by Giuseppe Marco Albano. With the short film “Sassiwood” co-directed with Vito Cea he won the Globo d’Oro. In 2017 he wrote and co-directed, together with Pascal Zullino, his first feature, “The Gospel according to Mattei”, a comedy starring Flavio Bucci on the delicate theme of the petrol in Basilicata region. His latest short film “Stardust” (2020) is a world premiere at Cortinametraggio

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