August 8, 2020


In the city, a business man walks to work on a Monday morning when he’s interrupted by a junkie-like kid who asks him: Do you want some soup?

About the author

Victor Velasco

Victor Velasco was born in Caracas, Vene- zuela. Since early, he was passionate about films, painting, music and interactive media. Early on, he shot his first shortfilms who got different awards and worked as a Director for a TV series called “Moving Stories”. He moved to Los Angeles and directed successfully nar- rative short films which got multiple awards and music videos. He directed and edited the music short “Shinobi” for Code Elektro fea- turing Maximiliano Hernandez (The Walking Dead, Sicario, Captain America: Winter Sol- dier) which got featured on multiple sites and Nominated for Cleveland Film Festival.

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