Spear of Faith

July 4, 2019


“Spear of Faith” is a poetic documentary about fatherhood, faith, resilience and unconditional love.
Jaya grew up in a humble family in the skirts of Kuala Lumpur. His childhood was no different from the others but at the age of 19, his father asked him a favour that would change his life forever. Now at the age of 42, Jaya is determined to share his devotion with his son, through one of the most extreme yet beautiful hindu celebrations. Gibran Ramos is a creative director specialised in new technologies and innovative storytelling. After a prolific career in advertisement, he decided to follow his passion and make films that highlight universal human values within an ethnographic perspective.

About the author

Gibran Ramos

Gibran Ramos is a Mexican-Canadian filmmaker based in London. Recently graduated from a MA degree in Documentary filmmaking at Goldsmiths University, he has collaborated with award winning directors Danny Boyle, Nick Knight and multidisciplinary artist Tupac Martir. He’s currently working as the archive director for the upcoming Frida Kahlo’s exhibition at the V&A museum in London (2018) and developing projects in virtual and augmented reality to fulfil his passion for cutting-edge technologies and innovative storytelling.

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