July 2, 2019


Sparrow is the lyrical story of a small boy who believes he can fly. However, his life is overshadowed by the legend of his grandfather who died a hero in World War Two. One night he discovers the tale that his father so adamantly clings to, is a lie. His grandfather was a gay man, who seeing the futility of war, deserted in protest when his lover was shot in the dugouts of Egypt. In unravelling the truth behind what happened, the boy discovers the strength to stand up to the bullies in his world, in an unexpected way.

About the author

Welby Ings

Welby Ings is a Professor in Design at Auckland University of Technology. He is an elected Fellow of the British Royal Society of Arts, and a consultant to many international organisations on issues of creativity and learning. He is an award-winning designer, film-maker and playwright. His short films have been long-listed for the Oscars and selected in competition at over 50 international film festivals. Welby is also a long-time activist for LGBTQ rights. He was arrested numerous times during the 1980s law reform campaigns and he continues to advocate both in New Zealand and overseas for the rights of sexual minorities. In 2001 Welby was awarded the Prime Minister’s inaugural, Supreme Award for University Teaching Excellence and in 2013 the inaugural AUT University medal for his contributions to research, narrative design and education. Early in 2017 Welby published the best-selling non-fiction book “Disobedient Teaching” which resulted in substantial media coverage, and invitations to speak on the subject at numerous conferences and seminars in NZ and overseas.

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