July 8, 2017


Set against the backdrop of post-war Germany, the screen adaptation of Siegfried Lenz’ short story released in 1949 shows a snapshot in time of Mr. Schwamm, an indulgent husband and caring father, who wants so save his depressed son. During the pivotal night of this mission, he has an odd encounter: Paired up by destiny, he confides his troubles to a bitter and insensitive stranger, who in the very last minute manages to turn the story into a touching parable for kindness and humanity.

About the author

Konstantinos Sampanis

Konstantinos Sampanis studied Media Management and is an autodidact filmmaker. During his semester abroad in California, he directed the short film SIX FEET DEEP, which later on was awarded with a regional Emmy in the U.S. One year later, one of his Manufaktur-Films was awarded with the prestigious German Industrial Film Award in Berlin. In early 2016 he finished his next short film SON, which is based on a short story by the prestigious German author Siegfried Lenz. As an artist Kons’ work focuses on the emotional essence in a reminiscent mood and subtle manner. His movies always carry his very own thumbprint: a completely consistent look with quintessentially aesthetics and strong love for detail make his visual language highly recognizable and gives his films a hand crafted cinematic experience.

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