Roseline Like in the Movies

August 6, 2021


Roseline is a renowned actress with an impressive career. After a lifetime on camera, she gets ready to play the greatest role of her life. Fiction and reality blur together, surfacing a deeply buried secret—then: lights, camera, action.

About the author

Sara Bourdeau

Sara Bourdeau is a script writer and a director based in Montréal. She holds a master’s degree in Fines Arts from Concordia university. She also studied history and agriculture. She wrote and directed many shorts film that have travelled around the world. The Scent of Rain (2016) won many prizes such as jury price at Off-courts de Trouville, France. Roseline Like in
the movies (2019) is her tenth short film. Sara Bourdeau is now working on the script of her first feature, We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet, a northern thriller with an inch of dark comedy.

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