July 5, 2019


In a small forsaken village, a woman prepares the funeral of her husband with utmost care. She wants everything to go according to plan, since for her it is very important to give a good impression to the guests.

About the author

Albert Pinto, Caye Casas

Albert Pinto (Terrassa, SPAIN, 1985) and Caye Casas (Terrassa, SPAIN, 1976) are writers, directors and friends. Even if they directed some shortfilms individually, it’s together that they have reached big success starting with the broadly awarded shortfilm “NADA S.A.” (“Nothing Co.”) – it was selected in more than 300 festivals, nominated for the national Gaudí distinction as Best Short Film, received more than 50 national and international awards and acquired by HBO amongst other TVs. This great response for their first shortfilm together only made them stronger to keep on directing hand-to-hand in their next projects: the feature film “Matar a Dios” (“To kill God”) and the shortfilm “RIP”.

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