July 10, 2018


We are in the 80’s, the young boy Beni spending the holiday with his mum and sister, Gilla at lake Balaton. Beni finds an old photo camera and starts taking photos, obsessively. Gilla suddenly disappears while swimming in the water. They caný find her, but Beni doesn’t give up the search and with the help of a local investigator they keep looking for her. 10 years earlier in the same place , a girl disappear in similar circumstances, so they both feel that the answer to be sought beyond rationality.

About the author

Dániel Reich

Dániel Reich, born in 1986, is a hungarian director, cinematographer. From 2005-2010 he attended Hungarian FILMACADEMY (University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest), cinematography department. He made 3 feature films and more than 14 short films as a cinematographer. He won three times the Goldeneye Award from the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers (H.S.C.) for his short film works. His directorial debut is a mystical short film, Recall. His next short film plan, The Inner Side was
selected for the Euro Connections Pitching Forum 2017, Clermont-Ferrand.

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