Princess of Jerusalem

August 4, 2022


Working at the office during the day, taking care of his father at night: Peter is a simple and endearing bachelor, and this is his routine. For the past few weeks, he has been chatting online with a young woman. One day, she asks for his help.

About the author

Guillaume Levil & Nicolas Paban

Nicolas Paban is a self-taught director. Considered a “major author of self-production” by the review “l’Ecran de la FFCV” of the French Federation of Cinema and Video, he “invents for his films wacky characters, lunar, sometimes Fellinian, often borderline , but still deeply human.

Guillaume Levil has written or directed a few films which were shown all over France and abroad, including “You Can’t Write a Letter”, a feature released in 2014, and The Trousers Issue, a documentary shown on French TV.

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