Polaroids. The Warehouse of Memory

August 7, 2020


As Luis Buñuel said, ‘Memory is constantly invaded by the imagination and dream world, and since there is a temptation to believe in the reality of the imaginary, we end up making truths of our lies’.

About the author

Josu Venero

Josu Venero (Bilbao, SPAIN, 1962) has directed and produced more than 40 documentaries on art, and also documentary series for TV. Among his work are: Artiko (17′, 2019), Gutariko Azkena (75′, 2016), That Tiny And Playful God (59′, 2014), Imagined Landscape (90′, 2012), Basque Hotel (80′, 2011), Heart in the Wrong Place (16′, 2009), Vitoria Suite by Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis (50′, 2009) and Frank Gehry: Movement in Architecture (50′, 2002).

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