August 5, 2023


Jose Antonio is about to enjoy a pleasant afternoon of reading, confined to his wheelchair, in his apartment in Manhattan. But a dark and terrible force is about to turn his world upside down. And it is that no one can escape the destructive power of Phonorama…

About the author

Alex Rey

Devoted to about cinema, illustration and, above all, animation. Trained at the Alicante School of Art as an Illustrator, and at the Vigo EISV as a Film and TV Filmmaker.My career as a short filmmaker is defined by my own style both in animation and in stories. I do myself the script, the animation, character design and subtitles in all my short films. Some of my films has been shortlisted at featured festivals like The Festival de Cine de Málaga, The Notodofilm Festival and The FIBAC achieving some awards.

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