Out of habit

August 2, 2023


The film tells the story of a person that is unable and unwilling to fit in the constrains implied by society at the cost of most – if not all – of his relationships with people. He is a misfit, who lives life as if it is an ordinary duty. The only person that has stuck with him through the years is his inner voice, and even he is fed up with the main character’s inability to sort out his life.

About the author

Ivana Antonova Savova

Ivana Savova is an animator from Sofia, Bulgaria, currently based in London. Before commencing her higher education, the focus of her work has been the creation of still images. Through the use of different techniques and methods, they often told stories charged with symbolism related to her cultural background. When she first started studying at Kingston School of Art in 2017, however, she found a new exciting and unexplored direction in which she could move forward her work – animation.
After graduating with a BA in Illustration and Animation, she felt the need to continue her exploration of the audio-visual world, and this is what led her to the MA Animation program at the Royal College of Art from which she will be graduating in the summer of 2022.

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