Our Name is Anna

August 6, 2021


Anne Frank is the symbol of all the children who were victims of the Shoah but also of those who today continue to be discriminated against. Her ideals are shared through the eyes of a contemporary teenager named Anna.


About the author

Mattia Mura

Mattia Mura Vannuzzi is a director, documentary filmmaker, and visual artist based in Italy. His practice revolves around the concept of limits (of life, of perception, of art, of geography…) as an opportunity to increase consciousness and understanding. He has exhibited projects in a solo and group exhibition in Italy, Macedonia, Belgium, and Slovakia. He screened his movies in India, Japan, Italy, Germany, Canada, Bulgaria, and the UK. He has been a recipient of international art residencies at Selina (Ecuador 2021), Bridgeguard (Slovakia 2020-2021), and Fabrica Research Center (Italy 2015-2018).

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