Old tricks

August 4, 2023


Grandma and Grandpa always loved their tranquil life in the apartment, enjoying the calm days, content. But in these times of isolation, where the difference between home and prison is hard to see, a long forgotten feeling rises again: boredom. And boredom can be a very dangerous matter…

About the author

Edoardo Pasquini, Viktor Ivanov

Edoardo Pasquini is a former Italian teacher turned film editor and director in 2018. Born and raised in Italy, in the last years he directed short movies in Poland, France, Italy and Kenya. He specializes in “serious comedy”: his ambition is to lighten up the viewer’s spirit and to make them laugh, if possible. His latest short film is “Old tricks” (2022).

Viktor Ivanov is a film director, born and raised in Bulgaria. He is currently based in Sofia, but most of his projects take place all over Europe. His goal is to bring out and capture the most authentic and raw emotions possible. Vitality — that’s the key element of his style, hence the constant camera movement in all of his work. He avoids manipulating reality and sterilizing the environment, stripping each image to its core features and leaving space for improvisation, making it full of life. His latest short film is “Old tricks” (2022).

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