August 4, 2020


Chris revisits the Tiki bar where he made his first ever deal. He wants to celebrate the biggest deal he’s ever made by drinking down memory lane. It is early morning and there is only one other customer, Barry, and the Barman. Barry is drinking to forget and is in no mood to celebrate anything. Only Chris’ offer of free drinks for a week if he can’t solve Barry’s problems makes Barry change his mind. Barry has a unique problem. He came up with a truly original idea. And he is the only one immune to it. Chris doesn’t believe a word of it and is determined to prove Barry a liar and win the bet.

About the author

N’cee van Heerden

South African born and raised, N’cee’s career began in theatre – writing, directing and managing productions. His focus was Berkoff inspired minimalist plays. This is where N’cee honed his skill and passion for directing and character driven stories. N’cee then transitioned into film. He worked in various departments including production, art department, visual effects, casting & camera. He worked his way up to producing & filming EPK content. N’cee has worked on films including District 9, Avatar, Elysium, Chappie and numerous shorts, music videos & commercials.
 N’cee’s short film debut as writer / director ‘O.I.’ is in the midst of a successful festival run. “O.I.” is signed to sales and distribution agent OUAT MEDIA. N’cee is currently writing and developing various film projects.

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