Nuovo Cinema Para – Virus

August 5, 2021


During the lockdown, the Cinema sends a video-letter to humankind: the theatres are closed, sets are locked and the Cinema can no longer create new dreams.

About the author

Daniele PignatelliI

aniele Pignatelli is a film maker who has done several installations all over the world. He took part in the most important film festivals worldwide and got several prestigious awards including:“Menzione speciale della Giuria Aiace” at the 53rd Venice International Film Festival;”Kodak European Award for New Talents” at the 55th Cannes International Film Festival.
In 2013 for “HOPE2” he gained the certificate of merit for cinematic excellence awarding at 55th Rochester International Film Festival,New York.
In february 2014 during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi-Moscow, he was one of five international artists invited to represent one of 5 Olympic rings for the centenary of the Olympic flag. All the works were exhibited at Manege Museum and Daniele performed his film “MARE1”.

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