July 14, 2018


A poetic documentary about the physical and mental journey of climber Lucas Lima as he tests his determination on a difficult eye-opening route, set deep in the Brazilian wilderness.

About the author

Mickael Couturier

Originally from the south of France, Mickaël studied at “Les Beaux Arts” one the biggest French art schools. He started his career as an illustrator and made his way up the professional ladder as a creative director for various multimedia companies.

He then embraces a new career as a musician in London, playing in a cover band and creating “The Fancy Toys”, writing and performing his own songs. They will get a descent success in the UK and even gained a top 3 in the Icelandic charts. Mickaël starts his first video work, developing the music videos for the band.

When the band splits, Mickaël gets seriously involved into video work which is for him a great way to mix all his arts: Graphic, music and something new that he gets really interested in, writing stories. He produces several advertising videos and trains himself at shooting his first movies.

He heads to South America where he gets commissioned to direct tourism web series videos. He also contributes to the TV series “Le Brésil par la Côte” for the Arte Channel. He writes and directs his first movies: “Um Vagabundo no Eden”, an homage to Charlie Chaplin, “Pelos Olhos do Besouro” a surreal story about a little girl dreaming of freedom and “Agora”, a poetic fiction documentary about a climber, that becomes a metaphor of life. His work has been selected and rewarded by over 30 festivals around the World.

Mickaël has never stopped writing music, that he integrates in all his movies. His vision and style are unique, carrying important themes that reflect the beauty, but also the ugliness, of our modern world.

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