No I’m Not a Dentist

July 13, 2018


There is an odd sight rumbling out of, small town resident, Rex Rosenberg’s garage. An ordinary individual with no artistic training and little to no funding creates the quirkiest, most creative, and most difficult to categorize ride on the local roadways. Rex showcases his art car creation, the ChewBaru, much to the delight and disgust of onlookers who quickly ask if he’s a dentist.

About the author

Bobby Obermite

Bobby Obermite is a filmmaker, photographer and instructor from Hutchinson, Kansas. Where he currently lives with his wife, daughter and two dogs. He studied film and media at the University of Kansas, graduating in 2011. He is an instructor in the Media Production department at Hutchinson Community College, where he also works as a filmmaker. Bobby started and runs Blue Barn Productions, a production company that produces independent films.

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