Neo Cosmo

August 5, 2021


Next future. People no longer communicate, except within a virtual reality called Néo Kósmo. This ‘parallel’ world can only be accessed by connecting through virtual reality helmets. In a bourgeois family composed of father, mother and two teenage children, a real process of dissociation from reality is taking place. Parents and children they spend whole days on the New World: they work, study, meet up. Absolute silence reigns in the house. Alésia, the family’s android-atmosphere, realizing that the process of social drift is irreversible, is intent on protecting the family’s youngest child, not yet initiated into the new dimension.

About the author

Adelmo Togliani

Italian actor, director and screenwriter, he participates as an actor in many successful dramas such as Un Medico in Famiglia, Marcinelle, Il Signore della Truffa and the series for RaiUno Un Matrimonio directed by Pupi Avati, and films for the cinema such as Naja, Boris and Casanova by Oscar-winning Lasse Hallstrom. As a director he trained in theatre and later in the audiovisual field at IED, thanks to a scholarship in video design. He collaborates as director with UNICEF Italia, RCS Mediagroup, RAI and Publispei. He is the author of Sweet India, the first multi-ethnic sit-com for Rai2. His first book, “Io, Clarence” from which the homonymous theatrical comedy is derived, was published in 2012. In 2014, thanks to the contribution of MiBACT, he produced L’Uomo Volante and won numerous national and international awards, including the Audience Award at the Beijing Film Academy’s ISFVF. The short film is presented at the Venice Film Festival 72. Since 2015 he has staged an adaptation in the form of a reading from the book Ready Player One by Ernst Cline. In 2016 he and Simone Siragusano directed the short film La Macchina Umana with Valentina Corti as the protagonist, presented at the XII Rome Film Festival in the section Risonanze and in the official selection of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival. In 2017 he is the male protagonist of the film La Sabbia negli Occhi always next to Valentina Corti and returns again behind the camera with the short film Ciao, Nina, directing the American actress Katherine Kelly Lang. Both films are presented at the 74th Venice Film Festival.
In 2018, the preparation of “I’m Achille Togliani and I wanted to be an actor”, the documentary about the famous Italian actor and singer, begins. Néo Kósmo is his latest work. Retrogamer employee calls himself asynchronous and naive but certainly ‘nerd’.

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