August 2, 2022


The fragile existences of two young boys are inextricably linked by a thin, invisible thread. Everything revolves around the possibility (of life) that one has given the other.

About the author

Roberta Spagnuolo

Roberta Spagnuolo was born in Taranto in 1968, she graduated in acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Naples and began working as an actress in the world of theater, cinema and television with directors such as Renato Carpentieri in theater, Stefano Sollima and Marco Bellocchio in Cinema, Francesco Amato, Stefano Sollima and Davide Marengo on television. Her experience as an actress led her to develop a great sensitivity for dramaturgy and for mise-en-scène, elements that converge in the search for a creative and expressive language behind the camera. Her latest short film is “Natìa” (2022).

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