Mila Fog

July 9, 2016


The story of MILA FOG reflects a view of a young frustrated person, who is living in a stereotypical society, struggling to find a place, where she belongs.
The main inspiration of this movie is daily life.Her body is a cell, where she find myself involuntarily and with inner pain she have to feel the pain of a fight for a place in this world. Only till the moment, when she stop thinking about my existence as a one-piece unit, that is leading to one point. She began to see small details, which she could not see her whole life; details, that are like molecules that this planet is build from and all life around us. Sometimes you only need one impuls, impossible to see for everything around you, that brings you to a world full of wonderful possibilities.
The moment of awakening, when our main character MILA finally finds this courage to change her perspective, is happening only in her mind. She tries to escape her frustration to the forest, where even a small dust particle is required and is a part of important forest symbiosis. Can she finally find herself awaken? Will she find her own personality in this dust particle? The idea as a will of freedom is untouchable, but in the future it can have a great influence for the whole world.

About the author

Marta Prokopová

Marta Prokopová (1991) just graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava where she studied Animation. During her studies she made three short animated movies which were presented at several international film festivals including IFF Annecy (Family – Basis of Life, 2013) or Animafest Zagreb (White Forest, 2014 and Mila Fog, 2015). She was a member of student jury at IFF San Sebastian. She took part in the exhibition at IFF Tricky Women in Vienna (2015) and in Gallery Solyanka VPP (Video/Performance/Animation) in Moscow at the exhibition of world young talents. Recently she won Slovak Anča Award for the best Slovak movie at IFF Fest Anča with the piece Mila Fog. Currently she work on new movie with scriptwriter and director Michal Blaško who made the short moving picture Fear presented at IFF San Sebastian in the category Student movies. He received the award for the best short film at IFF Vilnius (2016).

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